aslan's army supports bible schools
and helped plant over 600 churches

PLUS supports thousands of orphans and widows through our humanitarian outreaches

100% of the Donations to Aslan's Army Goes to Our Bible Schools
  • Focused: We only support Bible schools that help fulfill the Great Commission by training pastors
  • Accountable: We hold a Board position with each supported ministry so we know where all the money goes. 
  • Scalable: Your donations have an exponential impact because we only invest in high-growth ministries that can replicate themselves.

our bible schools fulfill the great commission

Over 1 Million Salvations In Mexico

Aslan's Army started supporting Victorious Christian Harvesters when they were only at 150,000 salvations.  Through its financial and strategic support, we helped expand the Bible school and Invasion strategy, which dramatically impacted the impact.  

Now that Victorious Christian Harvesters has achieved its original goal of 1 Million Souls, they are now believing to reach 10 Million souls.
Directors: David & Donna Blanchard

Bali, Indonesia
Aslan's Sidewalk Academy

Aslan's Sidewalk Academy is a local initiative (Yayasan Jembatan) based in Bali, Indonesia. Our purpose is to improve lives and futures of children through educational empowerment. We believe imagination, education, and hard work can open opportunities and achievements otherwise not accessible, and we seek to make this available for underprivileged children and families.

We do Bali's only "POP-UP Classroom-like" learning programs wherever there is a need. Our activity clubs include learning English, Health, Music, and Good Values. All of our resources and efforts are self-funded so our activity clubs are at no cost.

Our ultimate aim is to motivate children toward learning by attending and staying in school and completing their education- thus empowering them for the future. 
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